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"You found Ben frozen in ice in a secluded hallway. Now you must unravel the mystery of how this happened, and what it has to do with your brother."
—Year 2, Chapter 4 description


Visit Ben[]

The player visits Ben Copper in the Hospital Wing and encounters Poppy Pomfrey, who relays that Ben is in great distress and heavily hints she'd like the player to leave unless they have a good excuse to see him. Depending on how high the player's Empathy level is, the player may be able to tell her they came to comfort Ben and she'll allow them to stay. When the player approaches Ben, he is relieved for the visit but he acts oddly, telling the player that he doesn't remember asking for them or even being trapped in the ice. The player decides that if they cannot get any information from Ben, they will meet Rowan back in the corridor and find out what happened themselves.

  • "Mr Copper has been through quite an ordeal, and remains in a very delicate state. What exactly do you want?"
    • To check on him
    • To ask what happened
    • To cheer him up (Empathy)

Converse with Rowan[]

When the player returns to the corridor with Rowan Khanna, Rowan tells the player that they are suspecting Ben is hiding something from them, and the player has the choice to trust Ben, agree with Rowan, or be unsure. Both Rowan and the player proceed to search the corridor once more and find the wall to be suspicious. Both conclude that they need to learn the revealing spell, Revelio.

  • "He might just be afraid of whoever sent those instructions, or he might be trying to protect us..."
    • I trust Ben
    • You might be right
    • I'm not sure

Ask McGonagall About Revelio[]

The player approaches Professor McGonagall in her classroom to ask for a favour. Depending on if the player told her about the secret message or not, she may reward them 20 house points for their help and showing concern for Ben. The player then proceeds to push for that private lesson with McGonagall to learn the advanced charm. She tells the player she thinks the charm is too complicated for them and has to see that they're skilled enough when they attend class.

  • "Why?"
    • I can't say
    • To help Hogwarts (Empathy Lv.9)
    • I love Transfiguration (Knowledge Lv.11)

Study Transfiguration[]

Learn Revelio[]

Once the player completes attending Transfiguration class, McGonagall find them worthy of learning Revelio. Rowan congratulates the player and ask for them to meet them back at the Icy Corridor again.

Meet Rowan[]

The player and Rowan have some small talk about what to expect before casting the spell. The player casts Revelio on the wall and reveals a hidden staircase - very much like the player's vision. The player has the choice to either proceed, proceed with caution, or tell a professor about their newfound discovery. If the player suggests telling a professor, Rowan will warn them that the professor would never let them back into the corridor. Rowan reminds the player that this is an important hidden discovery at Hogwarts and they should seize the opportunity to explore. The player casts Lumos and they venture off into the staircase. Rowan mentions the room is unnaturally cold, and the player believes they are close to the Cursed Vaults.

  • "What do you think we should do?"
    • Let's go!
    • Let's be careful
    • Let's tell a professor

Investigate the Icy Corridor[]

When they find a door covered in ice, Rowan approaches it, and the ice sends Rowan flying and they are injured. The player then takes them to the Hospital Wing.

  • "What should we do, < name >?"
    • Open the door (Courage Lv.11)
    • Study the door
    • Run from the door