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"Merula will continue to be a thorn in your side unless you improve your duelling skills. Perhaps you can find a tutor…"
—Year 1, Chapter 4 description

Chapter 4 contains 5 parts. This marks the first appearance of Side Quests.


Report to Angelica/Chester/Felix/Jane[]

This part requires 1 hour waiting time after finishing the previous chapter to begin. The player reports to their House Prefect who offers to teach the player to duel when they have learned a duelling spell.

  • "Do you want to talk about what she said about your brother?"
    • No (+5 Courage)
    • Yes (Empathy Lv.2, +10 Empathy)

Find the Duelling Book[]

The player finds the secret duelling book in the Artefact Room and the player receives information about the Cursed Vaults their brother went looking for.

Meet with Rowan[]

The player then has an opportunity to talk with Rowan Khanna about what the player found out and build their friendship with Rowan depending on their choices.

  • "So many things! What do you want this new spell to do?"
    • Hurt Merula (+5 Courage)
    • Embarrass Merula (+5 Empathy)
    • Have many uses (+5 Knowledge)

Talk to Professor Flitwick[]

The player then begins improving their duelling in preparation for the duel with Merula. Professor Flitwick is known to be a duelling champion, and Flitwick agrees to help the player improve their skill at duelling by teaching them one spell. Flitwick then tells the player they can only use the spell for self-defence and they should ask Ben for help in order to learn another spell.

  • "Hmm. Tell me...why do you want to duel?"
    • Duelling is cool (+5 Courage)
    • To defend myself (+5 Empathy)
    • To learn more skills (+5 Knowledge)
  • "Promise me that you will only duel if you have no other choice, < name >."
    • I promise (+5 Empathy)
    • I can't promise (Courage Lv.3, +10 Courage)

Meet with Rowan[]

This part requires 3 hours waiting time after finishing the previous part to begin. The player finds Ben in the Great Hall where they have the chance to cheer Ben up and improve their friendship. However, Rowan finds a spell in the duelling book and the player learns the new spell. Rowan then lets the player try the new spell on them and it works, and they agree to report their findings to their house Prefect.