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Pets give your character extra energy when you pat them. There are thirteen pets you can purchase for your character within the shop (where you equip and purchase clothing).

Pets can be purchased with Gems or Brown Notebooks. You can collect energy from your pets by visiting your Dormitory. Each pet type recharges at a different rate. The pets cost and energy recharge times can be seen in the table below.

After buying a pet, you have the option to buy different species of that animal.

} One of your pets will accompany you on your adventures. The others will reside in your room.

Pet Brown Notebook Gem Cost Recharge time
Bat 130 4h 30m
Cat 215 4h 30m
Kneazle Kitten 120 5h
Kneazle 60 7h
Crup 50 8h
Moke 100 3h
Owl 320 3h
Owlet 140 3h
Puffskein 80 3h
Cruppy 120 5h
Rat 160 6h
Spider 100 4h 33m
Streeler 50 8h
Toad 160 6h
Jackalope 110 5h