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"Pleasant and popular, Penny Haywood knows all the latest gossip around Hogwarts. She can use her potion skills to get you out of tricky situations." — Penny's character description in the Game.

Penny Haywood (born c. 1973) was an English half-blood witch who began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1984 where she was sorted into Hufflepuff house. She was noted as being the most popular girl in her year.


Penny has long, blonde hair, which she tied up in braids (with the back of her hair not tied into the braids, as well as her bangs tied up in braids). Penny also has bright blue eyes and light skin.

She is often seen wearing her Hufflepuff robes, as Hufflepuff is the house she was sorted in.


Penny was sociable and approachable, regarded as the most popular girl in her year while attending Hogwarts. As a result of her social standing and vast network of friends, she was also very well-informed about the happenings at Hogwarts.


Penny lived in London with her younger sister, Beatrice, and her parents. During the summer, Penny would go on vacations with her family to the country. On one of these vacations, a muggle friend of Penny's, Scarlet, accompanied them. Scarlet and Penny went wandering through the woods during a full moon when they discovered a werewolf. Rather than being frightened by the creature, Scarlet was intrigued and wanted to follow it.

Penny, however, had been paralyzed by the sight of it. And by the time she came to and wielded her wand, Scarlet was killed by the werewolf before Penny had time to react. Feeling responsible for the death of her friend, werewolves had become the object of Penny's greatest fear, troubling her to the extent she brewed a Forgetfulness Potion to rid herself of the memory.

Penny was also friends with Your Character.


  • Potion-Making: Penny was a skilled Potion-Maker, considered one of the most proficient in her year.


  • In Herbology lessons, Penny shared that the Hogwarts greenhouses reminded her of Kew Gardens, where her father used to take her visit.
  • In her fifth year, Snape's criticism of her handling of Beatrice's situation echoed his remarks towards then-fifth year Harry Potter on the principles of Occlumency, considering them weak for being openly emotional and wallowing in their grief. However, given that Snape's loyalties ultimately lay with the protagonists, this could be seen as having been for their own good (after hearing that, Harry did understand the importance of and eventually succeeded in blocking his connection with Voldemort) and the Main Character was spurred to support Penny and prevent her from a path of self-destruction.
  • In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, the player controls the friendship between the Main Character and Penny, including how to interact with her and what they share with her. They may decide whether to invite Penny with them to the locked room she helped create the Sleeping Draught for.
    • By year 4, the player is able to express romantic interest in Penny, causing Penny to promise to the player that they will discuss their feelings for each other after Beatrice is rescued. While a large variety of characters are possible dates in side-quests, this occurred prior to their releases and is so far the only such moment in the main story, making Penny the closest thing to a canonical love interest for the Main Character.
    • Penny is one of the four characters (along with Merula Snyde, Andre Egwu, and Barnaby Lee) available as romance options for all dating side quests: Celestial Ball, First Date, Valentine's Day, Festival Fun, Valentine's Day Ball, and An Enchanted Kiss. While all romance options gain unique outfits and occasionally other appearance changes, Penny is the only one whose hairstyle changes noticeably in every dating side quest (except "An Enchanted Kiss", where none have unique outfits). In 2021, she was remodeled with a casual outfit which composed of a shirt with a denim jacket and a skirt.