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Significance in the Game[]

Energy is largely significant in the game, as to complete quests and missions, which is essential to move forward in the game, you must have energy. Many would say that it is the most important form of currency in the game, as coins and gems are only used to buy clothing and perks, while energy is needed to progress.

Your character is strangled by the devil's snare, due to a trick played by Merula.

Most players first found themselves stuck at a certain point in the game, where your custom Main Character (MC) is tricked by Merula Snyde and you get trapped in a closet with the devil's snare. Your MC is then left being strangled by the devil's snare, until your energy has been regained in up to twelve minutes.

How to earn Energy[]

Energy is earned over time. As long as your Energy bar is not full or overfilled 1 Energy is added to your current amount of Energy every 4 minutes. The game starts out with an Energy limit at 24. The limit increases naturally over time through gameplay, specifically through learning new Flying maneuvers during Flying lessons. Each school year is divided in chapters which contain a number of tasks dedicated to the main story and also two mandatory lessons. Whenever a new Flying maneuver is learned your Energy limit is extend by 1 permanently.

If you run out of energy, you can also use Gems or real money to get more from the in-game store.

There are numerous ways to get extra Energy for free every day. These are listed below:

Ways to Earn Extra Energy[]

There are multiple ways to earn energy in the game without spending gems or real money.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is possible to overfill your Energy bar. That way you can save up Energy for later. But not every free Energy source allows you to collect above the limit. Therefore every entry on this list contains a note, when relevant, regarding whether Energy gained this way can be stacked or not.

New Character Level[]

If you achieve a new character level through collected XP through everyday play, you will be gifted 30 Energy on top of your current Energy status. It stacks above the limit of your energy bar. Max level is 71 as of May 18, 2021.

(Former system: For every new level you'd receive a full Energy bar no matter how full or empty that bar was.)

New Friendship Level[]

You can interact with your friends during Meals in the Great Hall (unlocks Y1Ch7), Play Gobstones in the Court Yard (unlocks Y1Ch4), Drink Butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks (unlocks Y3Ch9) and Studying in the Library (in beta). Friendship activities cost coins (amount varies from friend to friend and increases each year). Each new Friendship Level with one of your Friends gifts you a reward. For level 4 and 5 you are gifted 5 Energy, level 6 and 7 increase to 10 Energy, level 8 and 9 grant you 15 Energy. Level 2 and 3 reward you 5 Gems. Exception to this rule are all Season 1 Quidditch Friends, Friends made during 5th and 6th year and Talbott. They gift you Energy instead of Gems form level 2 to 5. Increased friendship levels with Hagrid reward always 5 Gems. Energy from increased friendship levels stack above limit.

Attending Classes[]

During classes you participate in different activities which use the same amount of Energy each. The end of such an activity is marked with a star. Once the star is reached you can pick one out of three offered rewards that are randomly selected based on specific probabilities. These prizes may contain Energy among other rewards like Creature Food, different amounts of Attributes, Gems and Coins and even Notebooks. Energy rewards are fairly rare: 1 Energy (~2,08 %) or 9 Energy (~0,23%).

Magical Creatures Reserve[]

Leveling up Magical Creatures[]

Magical Creatures can be adopted with collected differently colored notebooks from events. To level up your relationship with them you can bond (for free) and feed (1 - 3 Food) them. Each time you level up an animal (e.g. from trusting I to trusting II) you are rewarded three different rewards. Often you get 6 Energy among Books (any color), Gems and Coins). It strongly depends on the animal and on the level you are on with it. Energy DOES stack above the limit.

Feeding MAX Magical Creatures[]

Once you reach the maximum level of trust with your magical creature you can still feed them 3 Food in exchange for rewards. These rewards are given in the same manner as in classes and therefore you choose one reward out of three. The probability are the same minus Food rewards. Energy rewards can either be 1 or 9. Energy DOES stack above the limit.


Dueling in the Duelling Club (unlocks Y1Ch5) allows you to compete against a computer bot. Every won duel wins 1 Energy. The cost for a duel appears to increase most Years (75 coins (Y1), 100 (Y2), 125 (Y3), 350 (Y4), 450 (Y5), 500 (Y6)). There is a 7 hour refresh between duels, or pay gems to play earlier (starts at 91 gems and decreases with time). There are additional rewards every round of 8, 10 or 12 won duels and is randomly selected (Blue, Brown or Red Notebooks, Gems, Energy, Creature Food). Energy DOES stack.

Quidditch Friendly / Matches[]

Your Quidditch journey unlocks at year 2 chapter 6. From then on you can play Quidditch Friendlies with your team as practice in exchange for coins (Cost: 150 Coins (Y2), 200 Coins (Y3), 250 Coins (Y4), 300 Coins (Y5 & Y6)). Each won match rewards 1 Energy (also 3 House Points), a perfect match rewards 2 Energy (also 1 Gem and 4 House Points). Friendlies recharge after 7 h or skip with 91 Gems. Energy DOES stack above limit.

Daily Planner[]

When you get into year 2 you have the option to fulfill three assignments each day. Every assignment grants you a reward and if you fulfilled all three assignments you win an additional prize. Often assignments are a mixture of earning stars or finishing classes, Duelling and Quidditch, sometimes feed a creature or bond. Rewards vary each day, but often you get 4 Energy, 3 Creature Food, 75 Coins for the assignments (Energy does NOT stack). The completion award is often a Book (any colour), 3 Gems or 8 Energy (Energy DOES stack).

Stamp Card[]

In order to get the daily reward from the Stamp Card at least one of the Daily Planner tasks need to be completed. Rewards can be Energy, as well as Coins, Gems, Creature Food and Club XP. If all the stamps are collected during the given timeframe (7 or 12 days) a grand reward is given on the last day where the player is able to choose one out of three rewards. Those often are Notebooks, Gems or Energy.


Magical Milestones[]

is a feature that consists on a one-month-long event. It runs concurrently with the other regular events. In order to participate on it and be eligible to the free rewards, you have to gather experience. One of the free rewards is always Energy. How much depends on the year you are in. In year 2 and 3 this will be 25 Energy, years above gain 50 Energy as a free reward. More Energy is given when the Season Pass is purchased either with 275 Gems or with REAL MONEY.

Clean Sweeps[]

is a solo event where you need to play Quidditch to get points in order to hit milestones and collect the prizes. Each won match rewards 1 Energy and every perfect match rewards 2 Energy, very much like the regular Quidditch Friendlies. But they have no coin entry fee and there is no waiting time between each match. "Tickets" need to be collected through regular classes and activities to enter a streak of 7 matches. The matches itself seem more difficult than regular Friendlies on the downside.

House Pride[]

is a multiplayer event in which you need to collect House Points to gain a house prize and various solo prizes. House prizes are determined by the cumulative House Points gained by your randomly selected group of players and the rank your house ends up in compared to the other houses. 2nd and 3rd place often reward Energy.

Club XP[]

Gain Club XP to gain different rewards, like notebooks, XP, Coins, Energy, Gems and Creature Food. From rank 1 to 9 Energy rewards are 35, form rank 9 upwards the reward increases to 50 Energy.

Gifts from Jam City[]

Since the end or March 2020 Jam City, the developer of the game gifts 150 Energy to all players at irregular intervals. This reward either pops up as soon as the game is opened or it can be found as a separate glowing tile in the bottom right corner. Energy DOES stack, but it has been reported from players, that the gifted Energy if not used disappeared after a couple of days.

Another method introduced by Jam City at the end of March 2020 is the "Happy Hour". This means that for a certain amount of time in a certain time frame Energy recharges faster (1 Energy in 2.30 min). The last Happy Hour was at the end of June 2020. This format may have been discontinued. Best to follow Hogwarts Mystery on Social Media to stay informed about irregular gifts.

Watching ads for energy

Form year 2 on you can sometimes watch ads during classes and tasks when you are out of Energy to get 3 Energy. You simply need to tap on an energy task when your energy bar is empty. The amount of times this opportunity recharges seems to vary strongly per player.

Daily Deal[]

The "Daily Deal" is a reward offer in exchange for an ad and most days you can get 6 Energy form it. It is located in the in-game shop to the very left where you can also buy bundles for real money. It resets every 24 hours at 8 am (GMT) whether the reward is collected or not. Energy earned this way can exceed the max level of your full Energy bar. The Daily Deal changes most days with 12 h remaining on the countdown. It follows this pattern: Monday: 6 Gems β†’ 6 Energy; Tuesday: 6 Energy β†’ 75 Coins; Wednesday: 75 Coins β†’ 6 Energy; Thursday: 6 Energy β†’ 75 Coins; Friday: 75 Coins; Saturday: 75 Coins; Sunday: 75 Coins β†’ 6 Gems. Coin offers are exchanged for 3 Energy when you are near 50,000 coins (which is the maximum amount of coins).

Shop Bundles []

You can also get Energy from shop bundles which cost REAL MONEY. Most bundles have Energy included, but the amount varies.


Pets will give you a point of Energy once every several hours. You can collect energy from the one that accompanies you by tapping on it when it has a blue aura. You can collect energy from your additional pets from their resting place in your Dormitory. Energy is stackable above the limit. Each pet has a different recharge rate; consult this list for details.

Pet Brown Notebook Gem Cost Recharge time
Bat 130 4h 30m
Cat 215 4h 30m
Kneazle Kitten 120 5h
Kneazle 60 7h
Crup 50 8h
Moke 100 3h
Owl 320 3h
Owlet 140 3h
Puffskein 80 3h
Cruppy 120 5h
Rat 160 6h
Spider 100 4h 30m
Streeler 50 8h
Toad 160 6h
Jackalope 110 5h

Other Items in Dormitory (earned through quests)

Item Recharge Time Place Reward
Snow Globe 23h bookshelf energy
Heart-shaped Valentine Flower 25h bookshelf energy
All-Wizard Trophy 23h bookshelf energy
McGonagall chess board (gem not energy) 24h bookshelf gem
Butterfly Jar - Beauxbaton Statue (gem not energy) 23h bookshelf gem
Little Santa Statue 24h bookshelf energy
Valentine's Book with a Heart 24h bookshelf energy
Flitterby (from Torvus) 24h night stand page
Butterscotch Statute 24h bookshelf page

Hidden Spots[]

There are several secret places (hidden elements) within the game that will grant you a bonus point of energy when you tap on them. Below is a list of all known hidden areas that will give you energy. Go to the location, tap on the character or feature if it's available for harvest, and you will be rewarded with a point of Energy. Each location has a different recharge rate; see chart below for each location, character/feature, and refresh rate. Energy does NOT STACK above the limit.

Location Energy Spots Description Recharge Time Notes
Magical Creatures Reserve Grey wolf pup Sitting between the Grasslands and the Forest 9h 19m Y1 Ch6
Quidditch Stadium Golden Snitch Hovering on the pitch near the entrance 36h Y2 Ch2
East Towers Empty Portrait / Girl Directly behind your character when you enter the East Towers 6h 55m Y1 Ch1
East Towers Peeves Floating beside the stairs to the Divination Classroom 4h 35m Y1 Ch1
West Towers Incomplete Portrait / Missing oranges Has a branch and some white flowers; to the left of the Prefects' Bathroom 2h 50m Y1 Ch1
Lower Floor - West Unlit Torch On the right side of the entrance to the Great Hall 7h 32m Y1 Ch1
Lower Floor -West Knights Three stone knights to the right of the Great Hall; one of the knights is holding a sword crookedly 11h 9m Y1 Ch1
Dungeon House Elf Leaning against the wall between Hufflepuff House and the Potions Classroom 8h 12m Y1 Ch1
Castle Grounds Stick On the ground between the Whomping Willow and Hagrid's Hut 6h 24m Y1 Ch1
Lower Floor - East Books On a bench between the Library and the History of Magic classroom 5h 23m Y2 Ch1
Hogsmeade Boy in Alley Down the alleyway next to the Three Broomsticks 5h 51m Y3 Ch3
Forbidden Forest Spiderweb To the left of the spider's lair 4h 35m Y4 Ch6
Diagon Alley Small Bag of Money The Niffler will collect it 7h 22m Y5 Ch10
Black Lake Tentacle Wrapped around a rock all the way to the right 7h 21m Y6 Ch15.4
Dragon Sanctuary

Dragon Perched on the grass patch on a stone next to the Norwegian Ridgeback Nest 24h Y6 Ch6 ('Adventures in Curse-Breaking' TLSQ)
Ministry of Magic Paper Planes In the atrium (golden statue) towards the back; paper planes lingering in the foreground 11h 6m Y7 Ch5
Dragon Clubhouse Portrait of Quidditch Player Near the entry door of the clubhouse

8h Unlocks at Rank 2. Rewards Energy (1 / 3 / 5; does NOT stack), but can also give Creature Food (3) or Coins (75).
Dragon Clubhouse Quidditch Goal Post Towards the back of the room where the wall is crumbled 26h 24m Unlocks at Rank 5. Rewards can be Energy (1 / 3 / 15; they do NOT stack, so be careful when collecting), but also Food (10) or Coins (150 / 250).
Dragon Clubhouse Signed Beater Bat On the right of Quidditch Goal Post 8h Earned with finishing the TSLQ "A Dragon's Quest" (3d 19h). Unlocks in Y3 Ch2 and Rank 5 in Dragon Club. Awards 1 Energy, 3 Food or 75 Coins.
Dragon Clubhouse Hanging Torches Hanging from the ceiling in the dueling area behind the Quidditch goals 18h 13m Unlocks at Rank 10. Rewards can be Energy (1 / 3 / 15; they do NOT stack, so be careful when collecting), but also Food (10) or Coins (150 / 250).
Sphinx Club house Portrait Near the entry door of the club house 8h Unlocks at Rank 2. Rewards Energy (1 / 3 / 5; does NOT stack), but can also give Creature Food (3) or Coins (75).
Sphinx Clubhouse Orrery Between the second and third torch 26h 24m Unlocks at Rank 5. Rewards can be Energy (1 / 3 / 15; they do NOT stack, so be careful when collecting), but also Food (10) or Coins (150 / 250).
Sphinx Clubhouse Merula-Puffskein Portrait Between the fourth and fifth torch 8h Earned with finishing the TSLQ "Welcome to the Sphinx Club" (3d 19h). Unlocks in Y3 Ch2 and Rank 5 in Sphinx Club. Awards 1 Energy, 3 Food or 75 Coins.
Sphinx Clubhouse Gerbil On a table toward the far right 18h 13m Unlocks at Rank 10. Rewards can be Energy (1 / 3 / 15; they do NOT stack, so be careful when collecting), but also Food (10) or Coins (150 / 250).
Hippogriff Clubhouse Portrait Near the entry door of the clubhouse 8h Unlocks at Rank 2. Rewards Energy (1 / 3 / 5; does NOT stack), but can also give Creature Food (3) or Coins (75).
Hippogriff Clubhouse Kelpie Near the first tree 26h 24m Unlocks at Rank 5. Rewards can be Energy (1 / 3 / 15; they do NOT stack, so be careful when collecting), but also Food (10) or Coins (150 / 250).
Hippogriff Clubhouse Alchemy Station Slightly to the right of the Kelpie 18h 13m Unlocks at Rank 10. Rewards can be Energy (1 / 3 / 15; they do NOT stack, so be careful when collecting), but also Food (10) or Coins (150 / 250).
Hippogriff Clubhouse Book towards the entrance on a small table 8h Earned with finishing the TSLQ "A Bad Omen" (3d 19h). Unlocks in Y3 Ch2 and Rank 5 in Hippogriff Club. Awards 1 Energy, 3 Food or 75 Coins.
West Tower Niffler In the west wing near the ghost nearly headless nick. 24h It seems to be part of an event available to Y1 students. The rewards vary between Energy, Gems and Coins. The appearance is time limited.

If you have found any other secret energy locations, please add to this list.