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This is part 1 out of 4 parts of Let the Festivities Begin!, a time-limited side quest.

Task 1 of 6: Report to the Great Hall[]

Location: Great Hall (Lower Floor - West)

Background Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Ismelda "No one can force me to have fun"
Ben "Mysterious gatherings make me anxious."
Penny "I heard that Dumbledore is announcing a special event!"
Task Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Professor Dumbledore "I suppose you're wondering why I've called you here."

"It is not to remind you to pick up after your pets in the castle..." "Though the behaviour is strongly encouraged."

Tulip "Was that directed at me? My toad isn't housebroken."
Professor Dumbledore "It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that Hogwarts' Celestial Ball is fast approaching."

"It is a festive event for your Year, held here in the Great Hall." "There will be music, decorations, refreshments, and dancing." "I'm sure you have many questions..."

Penny "Yes!Will we get to help plan the Celestial Ball?"
Professor Dumbledore "A student will be elected to lead the decorating committee, Miss Haywood."
Barnaby "Can I bring a date to the ball? I mean a person, not the fruit."
Professor Dumbledore "Yes, everyone may attend the ball with a classmate as a guest, Mr Lee."
Andre "What's the dress code for the ball?"
Professor Dumbledore "The dress code, Mr Egwu, is formal."

"Students, you are dismissed to return to class. More details about the Celestial Ball will be provided in time."

Merula "What do you make of this 'Celestial Ball,' (your character name)?"
"I'm excited!"
You "The Celestial Ball sounds like a lot of fun! I can't wait!"
Merula "Of course you would say that."
"It's interesting."
"I'm surprised you want my opinion" (Empathy Lv. 19)
You "I'm surprised you would care what I thinkabout the ball."
Merula "That's fair. I don't care what you think most of the time."
Character Dialogue
You "I don't want to argue with you right now, Merula."

"I just want to talk with my friends and learn more about what to expect at the Celestial Ball..."

Title Star Requirements Time Rewards
Discuss the Celestial Ball 1 out of 5 1h coins
Character Dialogue
Professor Dumbledore "Please continue your conversations about the ball later. You were dismissed to return to class."

"The election for the head of the decorating committee will be held in the Library soon after."

Penny "(your character name), can you meet me in the Artefact Room later? It's about the Celestial Ball."
You "Of course. Is everything okay, Penny?"
Penny "Yes, everything is brilliant! See you soon!"

Task 2 of 6: Meet Penny[]

Location: Corridor (Lower Floor - West)

"Quick, come to the Artefact Room, (your character name)! I have a question for you." -- Penny Haywood

Task Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Penny "Thanks for meeting me, (your character name)."
You "What's wrong, Penny? You were so happy earlier."
Penny "I meant to ask if you'd join the Celestial Ball decorating committee if I'm elected to lead it."

"But I may not be elected to lead the committee at all."

You "Oh. I see. I wasn't sure what you had wanted to talk about."
Penny "What had you hoped I'd want to talk about?"
"The decorating committee"
"Dates for the ball" (Courage Lv. 18)
You "I was hoping you'd want to talk about who we'd like to bring to the Celestial Ball."
Penny "I can't even think about a date until the decorating begins."
Character Dialogue
You "You're the most popular witch in our year. Of course you'll be elected to lead the decorating committee."
Penny "Not if Emily Tyler has her way. She wants to lead the committee."
You "Emily Tyler? Bill Weasley once had a crush on her. She was awful to him."
Penny "It's rumoured that Emily is running a negative campaign against me."

"Apparently Emily just likes to head student committees!" "And she's unafraid to speak rubbish about me to anyone who will listen." "Please help me to win the election, (your character name)."

You "First, tell me everything you know..."
Title Star Requirements Time Rewards
Learn about the Election 5 out of 5 3h coins
Character Dialogue
Penny "I'll be so disappointed if I can't lead the decorating committee for the Celestial Ball."

"Our classmates think of me as popular and good with potions." "This is my chance to show everyone that I also have other talents, like an eye for decorating!"

You "Then perhaps the way to defeat Emily is to promote your talents!"
Penny "So we won't have to talk rubbish about Emily?"
You "No. While Emily's spreading rumours, we'll spread news of your brilliant ideas!"

"I bet I know someone who will want to help us..."

Task 3 of 6: Recruit Bill[]

Location: Great Hall (Lower Floor - West)

"I'm in the Great Hall. Come find me." -- Bill Weasley

Background Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Tonks "Wotcher, (your character name)! What are you up to?"
Ismelda Resist whatever urge you have to talk to me."
Barnaby "Are you still thinking about the Celestial Ball? I am!"
Task Dialogues
Character Dialogue
You "Bill, how would you like to help further a good cause?"
Bill "Put it like that and how can I say no?"
You "So you'll help me lead the effort to get Penny elected over Emily to head a student committee?"
Bill "No."
You "Penny is our friend. It's rather important to her that she lead the Celestial Ball decorating committee."
Bill "I understand. But it's rather important to me that I avoid Emily Tyler."

"You do remember how Emily rejected me..."

You "Yes, that's why I thought you'd want to see Penny succeed."
Bill "Of course I'd like to see Penny succeed."

"But I won't get involved in anything having to do with Emily."

Meal with Bill
Task Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Bill "Let's help Penny to get the votes she needs to show all of Hogwarts her brilliant dance-decorating talents."
You "Bill Weasley, are you being sarcastic?"
Bill "No, I'd actually like to see what Penny can do!"
You "Then let's go to the Library and start campaigning."

Task 4 of 6: Attend the Election[]

Location: Library (Lower Floor - East)

"Quietly proceed to the Library. The decorating committee election begins now." -- Madam Pince

Background Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Rowan "The library is at its loudest! Pince must be going mad."
Tulip "I've never seen this place so crowded!"
Task Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Penny "I'm so anxious about this Celestial Ball election!"

"Thank you both for coming to support me!"

You "Tell Bill about you 'Stars' decoration theme, Penny."
Penny "Picture stellar centerpieces! And a dance floor that twinkles like the night sky!"
Bill "It certainly sounds...starry."
Emily "Hello, Penny. Nice hair."
Penny "My hair IS nice..."

"Isn't it?"

You "If you're trying to distract Penny from the election, it won't work, Emily."
Emily "You again? You'll have as much luck getting Penny elected as you did convincing me to fancy Bill."

"And Bill, why are you even here?"

Bill "To help Penny get elected. She has great ideas."
Emily "But I have charisma!"
You "One of us is wrong about what 'charisma' is..."
Emily "At least I've led student committees.I bet Penny can't even lead a dog on a lead. That's what I'll tell everyone."

"Now watch me win."

Penny "Perhaps Emily is right. She has more experience than I do. And she's so determined!"
You "Don't give up, Penny! Let's get you some votes."
Title Star Requirements Time Rewards
Campaign for Penny 1 out of 5 3h coins
Task Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Madam Pince "The votes have been counted and..."

"Miss Haywood wins. She will lead the Celestial Ball decorating committee."

Madam Pince "SHHHH! This is still the library!"
Penny "Sorry! I just want everyone to know we'll have a beautiful star-filled Celestial Ball!"
You "Congratulations, Penny!"
Emily "How can this be? I thought all of my friends would vote."
Barnaby "Perhaps all of your friends DID vote. How many friends do you have? One... Two..."
You "Barnaby's not out to insult you, Emily. He's genuinely counting."
Madam Pince "Very well then. Now everyone get back to quietly studying, or leave the library at once."
Penny "I can't thank you enough for believing in me."
You "Of course, Penny! I'm glad we could help."
Penny "I hope you'll help me make the decorations, too! Meet me in the Charms Classroom!"
Bill "Don't think you'll rope me into making decorations, (your character name). My work here is done."
You "Thanks again, Bill. I know it must have been awkward to be around Emily."

"But your help meant quite a lot to Penny."

Bill "And it seems Penny means quite a lot to you...?"
"Penny is a good friend"
"I might fancy Penny" (Friendship Lv. 9)
+10 Courage points
You "Perhaps I have a crush on Penny."
Bill "Perhaps you should decide. There is a Celestial Ball coming up after all."
Character Dialogue
Bill "It's been fun hanging out with you, (your character name). I should get to class.
You "And I'm off to make Celestial Ball decorations!"

"I can't wait to see who else Penny picks for the decorating committee..."

Task 5 of 6: Join the Committee[]

Location: Charms Classroom (East Tower)

"Let the crafting commence! Come to the Charms Classroom now, (your character name)." -- Professor Flitwick

Background Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Tulip "Let's craft some daring decorations!"
Tonks "Should clumsy witches be trusted with scissors?"
Barnaby "I know absolutely nothing about making decorations!"
Task Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Penny "Thank you for letting us use your classroom to make decorations for the Celestial Ball, Professor Flitwick!"
Professor Flitwick "Of course! I look forward to seeing the final results."
You "Will you be chaperoning the ball?"
Professor Flitwick "Indeed. Perhaps you'll even see me on the dance floor!"
Tonks "I certainly hope so!"
Professor Flitwick "Enjoy making your decorations, students!"
Tulip "I've been wanting to try some new spells."
Professor Flitwick "No magic, please. It's for your safety. I can't stay to supervise you..."

"And mistakes can happen, especially when trying new spells. I'd like my classroom in one piece when I return."

Tulip "When Flitwick said NO magic..."
Penny "He meant NO magic, Tulip."

"As head of our decorating committee, I'm responsible for keeping order."

Tonks "I thought making decorations was going to be fun."
You "It will be great fun! We'll make some brilliant decorations."
Barnaby "But where are the snacks? I join committees for the snacks."
Penny "Hmm... Let's just begin crafting decorations."
Title Star Requirements Time Rewards
Make Decorations 5 out of 5 1h coins
Task Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Penny "Marvellous work, everyone!"

"Though something's still missing..."

Tulip "Yes! Magic!"
Barnaby "But Flitwick said 'no magic.'"
Tonks "Only because he's afraid we'll botch things. We won't!"
Penny "What if something goes wrong? I don't want to risk using magic when we were asked not to."
Tulip "No risk, no reward! Using magic could result in better decorations."
Penny "But if Flitwick finds out, it could cost me my role on the decorating committee."

"What do you think, (your character name)?"

You "I think there could be major consequences either way."
Penny "Exactly. So should we use magic or not?"
"Let's use magic!"
"We don't need magic!" (Knowledge Lv. 19)
+10 Knowledge points
You "Let's not use any magic. I don't want to disobey Flitwick, or get Penny into trouble."
Penny "Thank goodness! I'm glad (your character name) is talking sense."
Tulip "That's all right. We'll be proper and dull as requested."
Barnaby "I'm having a fine time!"
Tonks "Exactly how much paste have you eaten, Barnaby?"
Barnaby "Hardly any! I've been working on the banner, I swear."
Professor Flitwick "I see you've been busy! Excellent work, everyone!"
Tonks "And we didn't cast a single spell. (Your character name) held us to it."
Professor Flitwick "I'm delighted to hear that, (your character name)! I imagine it was temping to disregard my instructions."

"Five points to (your house)!"

You "Thank you, Professor Flitwick!"
Penny "And thank you to everyone! You've been a smashing Celestial Ball decorating committee!"

"I can't wait to show you the results of our work! See you soon!"

Tonks "I don't know that I've ever seen Penny this thrilled about anything."
Tulip "I hope the reveal of the decorations goes well for her."
You "I suppose we'll find out soon enough..."

Task 6 of 6: View the Decorations[]

Location: Great Hall (Lower Floor - West)

"Wotcher, (your character name)! The Great Hall is nearly decorated. The big reveal will be soon!" -- Nymphadora Tonks

Need to wait for 5 hours or spend 73 gems to unlock this task.

Background Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Tulip "Penny is giddy about our decorations!"
Tonks "Wotcher, (your character name)! We've been waiting for you!"
Barnaby "I feel like an astronaut in here!"
Task Dialogues continue if chosen "Let's use magic!" in Task 5
Character Dialogue
Task Dialogues continue if chosen "We don't need magic!" in Task 5
Character Dialogue
You "Blimey, Penny! The Great Hall has never looked so stellar!"

"I'm so happy you won the election over Emily. You've done a brilliant job of leading the way."

Penny "It's been an honour. Thank you!"

"And thank you for taking my side when our friends wanted to break the rules and use magic." "Using magic might have made for better decorations but I think it looks all right anyway." "It meant a lot to me that you stood by me and kept me out of trouble." "You're a wonderful friend, (your character name)."

You "You're a great friend to me, too, and I know how important leading the committee is to you."
Penny "Flitwick says they'll even recognise my contribution and announce my name at the ball! I'm...over the moon!"
You "Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!"
Ben "Is there no lunch in here today? I very much enjoy lunch."
Penny "Quick! Close your eyes! You're not supposed to see the decorations yet!"
Rowan "It's all right. We're not going to the Celestial Ball anyway."
You "What? You're not going to the Celestial Ball?"
Penny "Excuse me, I see a 'falling' star. I need to go fix it."
You? "Now what's this about the ball? Tell me why you two aren't going..."
Title Star Requirements Time Rewards
Question Ben and Rowan 5 out of 5 3h coins
Task Dialogues
Character Dialogue
Rowan "Sorry, (your character name). Ben and I just aren't Celestial Ball material."
Ben "I'd be offended by that remark -- if I didn't agree."
Rowan "We aren't social enough or stylish enough..."
Ben "Or coordinated enough. Imagine the stepped-on toes and spilled drinks we'd leave in our wake."
"You're more than good enough!" (Empathy Lv. 19)
+10 Empathy points
You "Stop it, both of you! I think you're brilliant! You deserve to enjoy the ball as much as anyone."
Ben "That's rather generous of you."
Rowan "But we're not disappointed we're not going. In fact, we're...relieved."
Ben "It's true. I stopped shaking the second I made the decision."
You "But what if we could channel your anxiety into happiness and excitement about going to the Celestial Ball?"
Ben "We still wouldn't go, but thank you anyway."
You "What? Are you sure?"
Rowan "Quite sure. Even you can't convince us otherwise, so don't go cooking up any grand schemes..."
"You've make valid points."
+5 Knowledge points