The Great Gamer Boy153 The Great Gamer Boy153 22 October


Hello wiki, as you can see I have been working hard in this wiki and I was wondering if I cluld get a promotion for my continous hardwork, I had to research everything including the Achievements that I didn't get on my time in the game, so I hope you can promote me. :)

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The Great Gamer Boy153 The Great Gamer Boy153 28 September

How I joined this wiki

I joined this wiki because I know a lot of stuff about Hogwarts Mystery and because that I got banned for a year even though I didn't do anything that is why I joined this wiki because here everyone is so friendly and I like that, the wiki I got banned from is evil, if you have the same experiences then go to my wiki called the calm place wiki and help me grow the wiki, I gope you read my blog! :)

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TxmixDansexFr1endz TxmixDansexFr1endz 17 July

Fun times

Aww sad that in Australia we're stuck in quarantine again.... ughh... I was so looking forward to dance and being in the gym for cheer! Sad I'm missing out on nationals for cheerleading. But I had a good time with my besties on my birthday so yuh. πŸŽ€πŸŒΈπŸ’•

Stay safe everyone! πŸ¦‹
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