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"Muggle-born Ben Copper is supremely gifted at Charms. He strives to use his abilities to help his friends any way that he can, even if he fears just about everything." β€” Ben's character description on the game.

Ben Copper was an English Muggle-born wizard, who began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1984 and was sorted into Gryffindor. He is in the same year as Rowan, Penny and the Main Character.


Ben's parents are muggles. And before receiving his letter from Hogwarts, he had no knowledge of the magical world. Although being a Gryffindor, he is rather afraid of many things. You get to know him when he is bullied by Merula Snyde whom he fears just like Professor Snape. Nevertheless, he is quite skilled in charms and comes to help you when you ask him.

Once your friendship with Ben reaches level 10, your reward is the cloak you wear when hit by the icy vault.

Personal Trivia[]

  • Favorite Pet: Toad
  • Favorite Drink: Butterbeer
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Sweet: Treacle Toffee
  • Favorite Classmate: The Player
  • Most Feared Creature: Acromantula
  • Most Feared Joke Item: Fanged Frisbee
  • Most Feared Spell: Avada Kedavra
  • Most Feared Teacher: Snape
  • Most Feared Student: Merula
  • Most Feared Potion: Weedosoros
  • Most Feared Place: Azkaban


Ben was very insecure about his capabilities. He also feared that people would judge him because of his Muggle-born status. It is also shown that his nervousness is his greatest hold back with his magic, since he was able to completely trounce, and almost kill, the Main Character while not even thinking about it.

Late in his fifth year, Ben got a desire to be braver. In his sixth year, Ben had a notable change in personality. He was no longer openly scared of everything and considered himself to be a better person than before. He also saw himself as more grown-up, not attending the Start-of-Term Feast because he considered it to be for kids.

However, the real reason behind his change of personality was to protect his friends, even if he became distant towards them and focused more on his training.

He showed how much he cared for his friends when he bravely fought Patricia Rakepick and stood up even after being knocked down to protect the Main Character and Merula, to the point that Rakepick acknowledged how far Ben had grown, proving himself to be a true Gryffindor.

He was devastated by Rowan's death to the point of being left numb and became even more determined to improve his skills to protect his remaining friends.